We are opening up the entire iOS SDK for Unity


Most of the time, you just want to send a tweet, print a document, or get a list of GameCenter friends that are online to play your game. So we created an extremely easy to use High Level API where, most of the time, it’s just one line to do a common task. We took care of the details so you can focus on your game. But, when you do need to change the details, you can access the low level iOS API.


This is the only Unity plugin that allows you to access the low level iOS SDK API. Why is that important? Well, you are not limited by the plugin author’s assessment of what is critical enough to put in the high level API. If it’s not available in our high level API, you can just dig through the low level API to do what you need without having to wait for us or another plugin author to hopefully write it for you.


Access the Native iOS SDK from Unity in your favorite language, whether if it’s C#, Javascript, or Boo


Add only the frameworks you need with ease from within Unity’s application file menu, “U3DXT”. We take care of everything else for you, so that all you have to do is use our API for your great game, then click “Build and Run”.




The Progress

Complete Frameworks: 20 Partial Frameworks: 10 Classes: 786 API: 5380

Framework Highlights Availability
Social Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo Posting, Attachments, Set Post Properties, Get Activity Feeds, etc. yes
Accounts Access Accounts DB, Bypass Asking for Username and Password yes
MessageUI UI for composing SMS and Email messages without leaving your game/app yes
Twitter Auto Authentication, Tweet Composing View yes
StoreKit InApp Purchase, Receipt Verification, Hosted Content Downloads, Cross Promotion AppStore Product View yes
GameKit Multiplayer, Turn-Based Gaming, Leaderboards, Achievements, Challenges, Peer-to-peer connectivity via Bluetooth and Wifi, In-Game Voice Chat yes
GameKit for iOS 7 Everything in iOS 6 plus exchanges for turn-based matches yes
CoreImage Image Processing, Face Detection, Image Enhancements, Image Filtering, Custom Filters yes
MediaPlayer Play movie, music, audio podcast, and audio book files. iPod Library Access, AirPlay yes
GameController for iOS 7 External controllers for your game yes
SpriteKit for iOS 7 2D physics engine for UI yes
Multipeer Connectivity for iOS 7 Direct connection with nearby devices without Internet yes
Speech Synthesis for iOS 7 Have Siri speak to your users yes
EventKit, EventKitUI Alarm, Calendar, Reminds yes
AddressBook, AddressBookUI Contacts yes
CoreLocation Locations, needed for AddressBook and EventKit yes
AssetsLibrary Access and export to Photos Library. yes *NEW*
iCloud Document Storage, Key-Value Data Storage Partial *NEW*
AVFoundation Export Songs from Music Library to Storage Partial *NEW*
Foundation, CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics, AssetsLibrary Core classes to support other frameworks Partial
UIKit PARTIAL FRAMEWORK: includes Webview, Alerts, Labels yes
MapKit Display maps yes *NEW*
CoreBluetooth Bluetooth connections yes *NEW*
iAd Monetize with Banner and Interstitial Ads Coming soon
PassKit Passbook, Decode Passes, Manage Passes, Native Views Coming soon
Newsstand Create New Issues, Download Issues Coming soon
ImageIO Load and save images Coming soon
More iOS 7 Additions and changes to the upcoming iOS version Coming soon



Get it early!


Buy it from the Unity Asset Store. Get it early while it is still cheap. As we add more frameworks, classes, and APIs, the price will go up. Own it now and all future updates will be free.